ARS 5 (sem texto).jpg

Renato Diz - piano & extended techniques
Sérgio Tavares - Double Bass
Jorge Queijo - Drums & Percussion

Recorded by José Diogo Neves at Aura Studios, Portugal. 
Mixed & Mastered by José Diogo Neves, in Tallinn, Estonia.

Artwork by Dária Salgado.

© 2016 W&J Productions. All rights reserved.

ARS Trio reveals mastery in shaping sonic contortions that draw mystery and uneasiness. Only open-minded creators are capable of feeling so comfortable within these atmospheres, where everything is strange and yet nothing is out of place.
— JazzTrail

ARS TRIO was born in 2009 when pianist Renato Diz and bassist Sérgio Tavares realized that their deep musical connection had to be complimented by a third member, Jorge Queijo. From there an organic sonic birth took place. 

Despite their apparent traditional orchestration, ARS Trio has a very distinctive sound and approach to music making. Heavily based on improvisation and experimentation (like prepared piano, bass extended techniques and various non-drumming percussion toys) this project values collective texture over individual virtuosity. 

Moved by their common love for cinema "Poetics of Sight" is their debut album, an improvised homage to the world of images that provoke, unsettle and make us dream. Each work is an unrepeatable event where the audience is invited to embark on a journey of unexpected colors and surreal landscapes from a movie yet to be made.

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